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Event Registration - Using Video Technology To Change Driver Behavior

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time


John Kellas, Director of Solid Waste & Recycling, Fairfax County, Virginia
Rob Donahue, Senior Director, Commercial Leader Government, Lytx

Join this FREE SWANA Webinar to learn how individualized coaching can help lower your fleet risk and make a meaningful impact on your safety scores and service delivery metrics. Using real life examples, your presenters will focus on how video technology can help uncover root cause behaviors that are leading indicators to vehicle collisions.

Using video technology can reduce costs, reduce risk, optimize productivity and improve driver performance. Learn more about the many benefits and get your questions answered by attending this free event.

John started in the solid waste profession more than 35 years ago and spent more than 25 years with a national solid waste firm as a regional manager across the US and Canada. As Director of Solid Waste for Fairfax County, coordinates the waste and recycling process for 1.2 million residents.

Rob Donahue has been working in the Fleet Management space for over 11 years with TomTom, Networkfleet, Inthinc and Lytx. With Lytx, Rob has the pleasure of working with Federal, State, and Local organizations such as the City of Denver, City of Atlanta, Fairfax County, VA, City of Baltimore, US Marine Corps and the US State Department. With these organizations the Lytx DriveCam solution has proven to reduce risk, protect the reputation of these organizations and their employees, reduce costs and most importantly save lives.

Since 1998, Lytx® has grown to help protect more than 3,000 clients, more than 1 million drivers, and countless communities through its safety programs and services. Learn more at LYTX.com.

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