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LFG Data Collection and Analysis

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William J Perez, Project Manager, SCS Field Services

Landfills often install gas collection and control systems (GCCS) with operational goals of complying with federal, state and local regulations, preventing LFG migration and controlling odors. Proper operation and data collection is essential to achieving these goals.

Collected data can be analyzed to determine if there are problems at the data collection point. Problems can include; air leaks, over pull conditions, high gas temperature, low or no flow, low available system pressure, high methane, high static pressure, or other issues. This webinar discusses these problems and how to identify them as well as possible corrective actions.

This SWANA Webinar covers:

  • Data Collection in the field • Typical instruments used to collect data
  • Managing Collected Data • What to do with the data once collected
  • Air Leaks • How to spot air leaks in sampling equipment or at the wellhead
  • Over Pull conditions • Extracting more gas than is being generated
  • Under Pull conditions -- Extracting less gas than is being generated
  • High Gas Temperature • How hot is too hot
  • High Methane • When should you increase flow
  • Flow measurement at the wellhead • various flow devices, pros & cons
  • Wellhead pressures / vacuum • How to identify down well problems (liquids, blockages)
January 01, 2018
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