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Low-Cost and Community Driven City Compost Programs

Additional Information:
  • Natasha Dyer, Senior Recycling Program Coordinator, City of Atlanta
  • Melissa Kozakiewicz, Assistant Business Administrator, City of Jersey City
  • Kate Lawrence, Sustainability Director, City of Jersey City
  • Maddie Keating, City Strategist, NRDC

Cities are uniquely positioned to address food waste. Working on food waste reduction through prevention, rescue, or recycling can mean that cities manage less waste, potentially have more food relief, can get closer to reaching climate goals, and can close the loop on food waste. Several cities have or are working on composting programs to keep food out of the landfill and regenerate the soil. The COVID-19 crisis has drastically restricted city budgets for investments in infrastructure for composting and other food scrap recycling programs, but cities are continuing with low-cost community driven solutions. On this webinar hear from representatives in Atlanta, Jersey City, and NRDC on small to medium scale community composting.

October 28, 2020
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