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Measuring Municipal Program Performance in Your Jurisdiction

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  • Chris Ronson, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Re-TRAC Connect
  • Rich McConaghy, Environmental Resources Manager, City of Vancover, WA
  • Tanya Gray, Performance Analyst, City of Vancouver, WA
  • For decades the City of Vancouver, WA has been collecting key solid waste operations data from its contracted collector. With the ability to participate in the Municipal Measurement Program opening up in 2017, the City was quick to join and contribute its annual data. Co-panelists from the City will address how solid waste & recycling data have been useful in making material management decisions for their community and the important role that benchmarking & standardization plays in communicating with citizens & policy makers. Re-TRAC Connect will demonstrate the comprehensive suite of analytical reports that counties & solid waste districts are using to assess municipal program performance & address their material management challenges.

October 14, 2020
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