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Recycling in Uncertain Times

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Tom Szaky, Founder & CEO, TerraCycle
David Eaves, Co-Founder & Advisor, ReCollect

Join this SWANA Webinar to learn about how recycling has been affected by the pandemic and how the industry can deal with disruption, regardless of the cause. Leadership from TerraCycle and ReCollect will provide insight on the evolving recycling landscape and addressing uncertainty. This webinar will explore the disruption that has occurred and ways to keep the public informed when things change.

For TerraCycle, COVID-19 has brought environmental issues like the global trash and recyclable problem to the forefront for businesses. Founder & CEO Tom Szaky will discuss what response they are seeing as events unfold. Many companies are continuing to put in place zero waste and closed-loop initiatives, including reuse models, even as uncertainty continues.

ReCollect keeps on working jointly with hundreds of government agencies and private haulers to educate tens of millions of people on recycling and waste disposal. However, during this ever-changing pandemic, communication and out-reach needs have significantly increased, along with the challenges. Co-Founder David Eaves will share how organizations are tackling these challenges, what strategies have proven most effective to date, and the resources needed as we define the new normal.

Challenges and opportunities abound, along with much that is still unknown. This SWANA Webinar will provide an opportunity to assess where recycling stands and what the path forward may look like.

May 28, 2020
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