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Financial Impact of COVID-19 on the Solid Waste Industry

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Michael Hoffman, Group Head Diversified Industrial Research & Managing Director, Stifel

What analogies can be made with the Great Recession of 2008-09 and 9/11 to understand what will happen to the solid waste model as a result of actions being taken in response to COVID-19 (C-19)? Michael Hoffman of Stifel discusses how past upheavals have changed the landscape for solid waste management and how they might apply to our current situation.

In this webinar Hoffman explores a variety of questions important to the industry right now:

  • Should some services be curtailed?
  • Will some services stop preemptively?
  • Will some or all customers recover and reopen or resume normal activity?
  • Will some service providers fail or walk away from specific types of work?
  • What are the safety/risks for employees and what are employers doing to address them?
  • Can operations function normally or must C-19 risk issues necessitate changes in operations, collection, disposal, and recycling?
  • And once C-19 is under control and work and school return to a semblance of normal, what is the read thru for solid waste operations - what returns quickly, what may not, and how will solid waste adjust?
April 08, 2020
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