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Changes on the Horizon: A Look at Key NYC Policy Issues

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  • Justin Bland, Director of Commercial Waste Zoning, DSNY
  • NYC Business Integrity Commission
  • Kendall Christiansen, Executive Director, New Yorkers for Responsible Waste Management
  • David Biderman, Executive Director & CEO, SWANA

New York City is making big changes to how it manages solid waste. From franchising to truck emissions, this SWANA Webinar will bring together key players to discuss what's in store for solid waste collection companies (carters) in the city.

At the top of everyone's mind is how commercial collection may be changing. Efforts to reduce the number of trucks on the road, increase recycling, and improve the industry's safety performance has resulted in multiple solutions being put forward. The New York City Department of Sanitation has proposed non-exclusive commercial waste zones that will limit the number of carters in each area, while a bill introduced in the New York City Council aims to go even further with an exclusive franchise system. With these two options on the table, along with the current open market system, NYC is at a crossroads. On this webinar the speakers will examine the challenges and opportunities surrounding these policy options.

Commercial haulers are also facing a deadline to meet tougher truck emissions standards by the end of the year. A law approved by the City Council in 2013 requires private collection vehicles used to collect solid waste to meet the 2007 federal emission standards. This can be done via retrofitting older trucks or replacing them entirely. Seven years after this policy was put in place, this webinar will look at how those in the industry can ensure compliance, and the potential consequences for failing to do so.

This is a can't miss webinar for anyone interested in NYC solid waste issues, and for those curious about how the U.S.'s largest city is addressing some of the biggest and most controversial topics in solid waste collection.

January 01, 2019
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