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Identifying the Next Step to Achieve Zero Waste

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Veronica Roof, Senior Environmental Policy Specialist, Burns & McDonnell

There are many programs that can be employed to assist with achieving zero waste. Whether the next program will target food scraps, construction and demolition debris, textiles or other materials varies from community to community. This SWANA Webinar explores how to determine your next step to achieving zero waste.

First, we explore how you evaluate the available feedstock, including potential sources and estimated quantities of material that can be diverted. Next, we consider impacts on collection operations, which can include expanding municipal operations or contracting for services with private vendors. Our facilitated discussion considers processing options, including the potential for a new processing facility. The discussion of processing facilities includes both permitting and operational regulations.

Lastly, we consider the need to understand the estimated quantity of product that will be produced, as well as demand from potential end markets. We share case studies that have utilized a thorough feasibility analysis approach in determining the next step to increasing diversion. The facilitated discussion along with the case studies are intended to show that a thorough planning approach can assist with ensuring the success of the next program you pursue in achieving your community's zero waste plan.

January 01, 2016
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