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Leachate Evaporation Ponds: Planning and Design

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J. Roy Murray, P.E., Vice President, SCS Engineers

In areas of the country where annual evaporation exceeds annual precipitation, the evaporation of leachate in lined, open ponds can provide an inexpensive method of leachate disposal. It also provides additional leachate storage capabilities for other leachate disposal options. This webinar examines how the planning and design of such a project can be accomplished, as well as the key issues that must be considered when weighing such a disposal method.

The climactic conditions at the landfill dictate the success of the evaporation ponds. The characteristics of locations that are prime candidates for leachate evaporation ponds are discussed. The calculation of the anticipated normal leachate evaporation volumes is also reviewed. These are based on the net evaporation and area of the ponds. The pond depth will also provide storage for the leachate and for extreme rainfall events.

Location specific site conditions should be considered and are discussed. These include 100-year storms, hurricanes, and other extreme precipitation events. The ponds can be configured into a single pond or divided into multiple ponds for maintenance purposes depending on what will work best for the site and facility.

Leachate evaporation ponds should be lined with a composite liner with an extra geomembrane to provide UV and general physical protection to the primary liner system. Active aeration can also be employed to increase the rate of leachate evaporation and introduce oxygen into the leachate, helping to control odors. These details are explored during the presentation.

After this webinar, participants will...

  • Understand where leachate evaporation ponds are a viable leachate treatment option.
  • Know how to size leachate evaporation ponds.
  • Know how to design leachate evaporation ponds.
January 01, 2014
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