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Reuse Marketplace: Online Site for Surplus & Unwanted Items

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Mary Ann Remolador, Assistant Director & Event Organizer, Northeast Recycling Council, Inc.

Promoting reuse in the northeast United States is a priority for many states. Second only to source reduction on the solid waste management hierarchy, it is an important component of any plan seeking to reach higher levels of waste reduction. To promote and ease the process of reuse among businesses, government, non-profits, and institutions, the Reuse Marketplace was developed by the Northeast Recycling Council and launched in 2012.

The Reuse Marketplace is a free, regional, online network to find, sell, trade, or give away reusable and surplus items that would otherwise be disposed as trash. The eligible entities in the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont are able to create accounts and to post listings. Anyone is welcome to search or browse the posted items.

During the webinar, the Reuse Market website will be explored and explained. We will discuss appropriate items for posting on the site, who is eligible to post, who is eligible to obtain items, how those items are attained, and other details. Also discussed during the webinar will be the history of the site, including how this project was conceived, planned and implemented.

Whether you are interested in using this site for your organization's purposes, or would like to learn more about how such a site can be established, this webinar will be great opportunity to expand the potential of reuse in the digital age.

January 01, 2014
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