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Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

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Susan Robinson, Federal Public Affairs Director, Waste Management

What is the impact of requiring manufacturers to pay for local recycling programs? In this webinar we will look at the impact of extended producer responsibility (EPR) for commonly recycled materials such as packaging and printed paper on local recycling programs. Does EPR drive packaging design? Does it increase recycling? Does it effectively transfer the cost of recycling from consumers to producers? To help answer these questions, we will explore the impact of extended producer responsibility programs on packaging design, on recycling cost and on recycling rates. Information from Eurostat, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) and Multi-Materials British Columbia (MMBC) regarding BC's new EPR program all provide insight into the relationship between EPR, packaging design, cost and recycling rates in the EU, Canada and the US.

Next, we will delve into alternative Best Practices for recycling by looking at examples of existing recycling programs in both Europe and North America. Research completed by Skumatz Economic Research Associates (SERA) in 2013 analyzed over 50 cities in the US for information on the most effective ways proven to increase recycling in municipal recycling programs. Ameripen also studied recycling Best Practice policies as part of its Financial Platform Report in 2013, which will also be examined here.

These Best Practices will be discussed in relation to the European Union's effective policy-shaping waste management directives: The Waste Directive; The Packaging Directive; and The Waste Framework Directive.

January 01, 2014
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