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The Road to Behavior Change

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Cecile Carson, Senior Director of Affiliate Development, Keep America Beautiful

Most, if not all, environmental projects desire behavior change as the end goal.

In this SWANA Webinar, Cecile Carson will discuss how Keep America Beautiful (KAB) uses behavior change theories and strategies to further their programming goals. This will include examining current KAB research programs, the principles behind these strategies and lessons learned to date.

In 2009, the recycling department at KAB began to build the framework for moving beyond changing attitudes and actually changing behaviors. Behavior change can be achieved through various methods - conservation psychology, environmental literacy, social marketing, etc. Recycling is often touted as one of the easiest environmental behaviors to affect, and is arguably one of the behaviors most commonly touted. However, the act of recycling still presents barriers for the public, not least of which is convenience. While still working to deal with convenience issues, KAB is also focused on how behavioral changes can make a difference in recycling rates. Barriers like knowledge, apathy, cost, etc. can all be addressed in this way.

KAB's programming aims to change attitudes and behaviors and build vibrant communities by bringing people together that are equipped to make responsible decisions and take action to protect their communities' environments. This webinar will show participants how that is done and what principles make such an approach so effective. You will learn how to use these same proven strategies in your own programs, as well as how to incorporate low-cost ideas to keep your messaging fresh and fun.

Several KAB programs will be used to illustrate the behavioral change approach during this webinar, including:

  • America Recycles Day (pledge)
  • RecycleMania/Recycle-Bowl (competition/feedback/incentives)
  • Bin Grants (product/communication)
  • Ad Council Public Service Announcement (communication)
January 01, 2014
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