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Get More FEMA Funding for Your Community's Disaster Recovery

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Nick D'Agostino, Emergency Management Specialist, Federal Emergency Management Agency
Kelly Devilbiss, Public Assistance Officer, Maryland Emergency Management Agency

All community's face the risk of some sort of natural disaster, whether it be a flood, hurricane, tornado, fire or something else. Solid waste workers are on the front lines during events like this, so you'll want to attend this webinar about getting FEMA funds following a Presidential disaster declaration. Like most federal bureaucracies, the FEMA Public Assistance Program has very specific guidelines and requirements. Learn from the experience of a FEMA specialist, as well as a state specialist who has applied for FEMA funds.

Be sure to publicize this webinar to personnel who handle disaster recovery assistance in your state government agencies; local governments including towns, cities and counties; private nonprofit organizations that provide services such as educational, emergency, medical or custodial care; and Federally recognized Indian Tribal governments and Alaska Native villages and organizations.

Topics will include an overview of FEMA debris management guidelines and requirements, the benefit of having a debris management plan already in place and best practices for monitoring and documenting debris management to meet FEMA's guidelines.

The webinar especially will be helpful to solid waste managers interested in changes to disaster debris management since Hurricane Sandy. On January 29, 2013, President Obama signed the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act, which authorizes an Alternative Procedures Pilot Program for Debris Removal. The procedures pertain to debris removal (emergency work) and repair, restoration and replacement of disaster-damaged public and private nonprofit facilities (permanent work). The FEMA speaker will explain the alternative procedures authorized and how to obtain grants to fund the work.

January 01, 2013
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