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Improving Productivity in Automated Collections

Improving Productivity in Automated Collections Operating Collections like a Manufacturing Facility
Additional Information:
Richard Adams, E.I.T., C.H.M.M., Solid Waste Operations Manager
Jorge Avitia, Associate Engineer
Jim Smith, Solid Waste Operations Coordinator - Garbage
Patrick Ross, CNU-A, Solid Waste Operations Coordinator • Recycling

Are you looking to increase productivity from your automated side loader (ASL) operation so it provides high volume production like a manufacturing facility? This webinar presents techniques used in the manufacturing world to increase efficiency in residential collections.

The City of El Paso won SWANA’s Silver Excellence award. In this webinar, City staff present techniques and technology proven to optimize efficiency and enhance customer service.

Topics include:

  • Optimizing driver run time
  • Eliminating route dead time
  • Electronic routing/inspections
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Smart phone applications
  • Driver training

This webinar also provides lessons learned from the City’s implementation of these techniques so that you can identify which techniques will work best for your community.

Do your automated drivers collect from curbside exemption customers (elderly/disabled customers who cannot place containers at the curb)?
The time it takes for the driver to service one of these households could be spent picking up eight containers curbside.

Do your drivers use logbooks/forms to document non-compliant containers?
Driver smart phone apps document electronically, making the process paperless and faster.

Do your drivers follow sequential routes or their own routes?
Routing software and heuristic routing training eliminates unsafe conditions like U-turns, left-hand turns, and back-ups. Vehicle tracking technology can also ensure drivers follow designed route paths, and digital video recording equipment may help with customer complaints.

If you want helpful hints that just don’t just “look good on paper,” then join this SWANA Webinar in order to learn from hands-on experience and real world implementation.

January 01, 2014
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