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Improving Collection and Post-Collection Safety Practices

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David Biderman, CEO & Executive Director SWANA
Ed DeVries, Supervisor, Waste Collection, Waste Management Division, City of Hamilton, ON
Kasem Cornelius, Operations Consultant, Blue Ridge Services

SWANA is proud to offer a webinar with leading industry experts that provides you with new insights on the state of solid waste safety and useful tips on how you can improve safety for both collection and post-collection operations.

SWANA CEO & Executive Director David Biderman discusses the latest data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics on injuries and fatalities in collection, at landfills and in MRFs, and analyzes how these have changed over the past several years. He also shares SWANA's own 2018 data on solid waste fatalities in the United States and Canada and how this year stacks up to previous ones.

After reviewing the state of safety, Ed DeVries of the City of Hamilton, Ontario shares tips based on how the city has improved its own collection safety practices. From implementing new technologies to simple changes that can help reduce injury, he provides practical advice that can lead to big improvements.

Finally, Kasem Cornelius of Blue Ridge Services shares proven best practices to improve post-collection operations safety. He explains how traditional inefficiencies can deeply impact safety and efficiency, and how practical training and standard operating procedures can drastically improve overall operations.

January 01, 2019
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