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Monitoring and Controlling Invasive Species on Landfill

This eSession will have three professionals discuss the issues of invasive plant species at landfill properties.
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Randy Vogel, Senior Ecologist and Principle at Applied Ecological Services
Chrystal Schreck, Invasive Species Outreach and Education Specialist, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Division of Enforcement and Science
Troy Anderson, Vice President, Restoration Ecologist, Applied Ecological Services

This eSession will have three professionals, an ecologist, a regulator, and an eco-contractor, discuss the issues of invasive plant species at landfill properties. Landfill managers typically are not aware of the liability implications they face by leaving invasive species untreated on their property.

Invasive species have become the number one issue facing managers of natural lands, and indications are that governmental authorities are beginning to consider various means to address this problem. In most states, landfills are regulated by a state or local regulatory agency. Most states also have some form of an invasive species law, even though these laws are often weak and have historically been poorly enforced. Increased enforcement may be on the way. Landfills often control significant acreages of buffer lands and are just as responsible for those lands as the landfill itself. Unfamiliarity with these laws may cause headaches for landfill managers in the future.

The eSession will cover what an invasive species is and provide an overview of the ecological and economic issues they pose. Invasive species identification and control techniques will be discussed as well as why controlling these species is important from a regulatory, ecological, and public relations perspective.

January 09, 2013
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