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Christmas Tree Recycling Program Guidance

Christmas tree recycling programs produce benefits.
Additional Information:

Christmas trees—in addition to being a valuable forest resource, and a special gift when they are taken home at Christmas time—can also be transformed into a valuable post-consumer product by Christmas tree recycling programs. In response to increasing public environmental awareness, local governments and private groups are initiating Christmas tree recycling programs, which preserves landfill volume and saves tip fees. Christmas tree recycling programs also produce additional benefits:

  • Encouraging the public to recycle and reuse other resources
  • Increasing sales of home composting bins at drop-off sites
  • A starting point for waste reduction and recycling education
  • Opportunities for community organizations to form partnerships

This guidance document provides suggestions on how to create a Christmas tree recycling program suited to your community. Different recycling techniques are illustrated by profiles of several successful community programs. Sample program cost estimates are also provided. The document concludes with a list of suggestions, and hints from experienced Christmas tree recyclers. Useful references and resources appear in the conclusion and appendix to help organize specific program details.

January 01, 1997
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