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Ash Recycling & Reuse Survey

Ash Recycling & Reuse Survey (1996)
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In November 1993 and 1996, in an attempt to provide a baseline of national information on ash management and recycling, SWANA's Waste-to-Energy Technical Division conducted first-ever and follow-up surveys of waste-to-energy plant owners and operators and state regulators. The plant owners/operators were asked to provide details on current ash management practices, the costs of ash transport and disposal, and plans for ash reuse. State regulators were asked to relate the status of ash regulations in their state and report about ash management plans requirements and plans for ash reuse regulations. Survey results indicated that most states had promulgated regulations for ash management in absence of federal regulations and that most WTE owners and operators were testing their ash streams pursuant to these regulations (to determine if it was hazardous) and prudent industry management practices.

January 01, 1996
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