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Landfill Gas Control Recovery & Utilizations Vol 2 (1991)

Landfill Gas Control Recovery & Utilizations Vol 2 (1991)
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In jecting ai r in to the ground to stop the migrat ion of landfill gas and other gases was f irst used at a Southern Cal ifornia landfill in the spring of 1980 after no other state-of- the- art method worked. Born out of desperation and gu ided more by engineer ing intuition than by any well based technical understandi ng of the mechan isms and pri nc i pals of operation, thi s first of its kind system proved remarkably effective in totally eliminati ng 50 and 60 percent ( vol/vol) gas concentrati ons some 300 feet offsite. The outcome was even more remarkable in light of t he extr emely adverse site condition s of relativ e1y imperm eable and variable geology , satur ated or nearly saturated soil condit i ons, and undul at ing t opogra phy canbined with a landfill bottan that ranged in depth from 90 to 150 f eet. Since then, a nunber of air injecti on systems (" air-di kes" ) have been in stall ed in sever al states around t he na tion with comparable success. Th is paper provides a background on the hi story, pr incipl es of des ign and oper ation, and a gen eral discussion of the advantages and disadvantag es of such systems.

January 01, 1991
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