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Evaluation of the Collier County, FL Landfill Mining

Evaluation of the Collier County, FL Landfill Mining Demonstration (1993)
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Today's rapidly developing and changing technologies and industrial products and practices frequently carry with them the increased generation of materials that, if improperly dealt with, can threaten both public health and the environment. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is charged by Congress with protecting the Nation's land, air, and water resources. Under a mandate of national environmental laws, the agency strives to formulate and implement actions leading to a compatible balance between human activities and the ability of natural systems to support and nurture life.

These laws direct the EPA to perform research to define our environmental problems, measure the impacts, and search for solutions. The Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing research, development and demonstration programs to provide an authoritative, defensible engineering basis in support of the policies, programs, and regulations of the EPA with respect to drinking water, wastewater, pesticides, toxic substances, solid and hazardous wastes, and Superfundrelated activities. This publication is one of the products of that research and provides a vital communication link between the researcher and the user community.

This publication is part of a series of publications for the Municipal Solid Waste Innovative Technology Evaluation (MITE) Program. The purpose of the MITE program is to: 1) accelerate the commercialization and development of innovative technologies for solid waste management and recycling, and 2) provide objective information on developing technologies to solid waste managers, the public sector, and the waste management industry.

January 01, 1993
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