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Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Techniques & Practices Vol 2

Each year SWANA/GRCDA holds a number of meetings.
Additional Information:

Each year SWANA/GRCDA holds a number of meetings. These meetings consist of technical sessions which address the latest in municipal solid waste management technology and systems.

These meetings include:

  • Annual International Solid Waste Exposition * Annual International Landfill Gas Symposium
  • Annual International Recycling Symposium
  • Annual International Waste-to-Energy Symp9sium
  • Regional Solid Waste Symposium

We are fortunate that most of the speakers for these meetings provide papers. These papers are published by SWANA/GRCDA as proceedings of the annual meetings. We have found, however, that many professionals working in the field of municipal solid waste management are seeking specific information about one particular aspect of municipal solid waste management (i.e. collection, disposal, etc.) Because of these special interests, SWANA/GRCDA has selected certain papers in a specific subject matter from these past meetings:

  • St. Paul 1987 * Baltimore 1988
  • Tulsa 1989 * Vancouver 1990
  • International Landfill Gas Symposium 1987-90
  • International Recycling Symposium 1990 * International Waste-to-Energy symposium 1988-90
  • Regional Solid Waste Symposium 1988-90

These papers have been arranged as separate publications. It is the hope of SWANA/GRCDA that the paper included in this publication will provide needed information in this specific part of the municipal solid waste management field.

January 01, 1991
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