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Curbside Recycling Collection Options

Publication date: August 2020. This report compares and evaluates dual-stream recycling options against single-stream.

Additional Information:

Today, 53% of the US population participates in curbside recycling services (approximately 158 million persons living in 62.7 million households). Furthermore, 90% of them participate in single-stream recycling. Would encouraging dual-stream recycling, or increasing collection intervals reduce costs or minimize contamination?

  • Switching from weekly to biweekly automated collection of single-stream recyclables should enable a community to reduce its collection costs by as much as 40%.
  • Biweekly automated dual-stream collection (using a split roll-out cart) could reduce costs by 33%.
  • The 96-gallon split cart has also been found to reduce contamination by 10%.

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