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Master Construction Specifications for LFG Conveyance System

This is the second version of SWANA’s Construction Specifications for Landfill Gas Conveyance Systems.
January 01, 2008
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Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Techniques & Practices Vol 2

Each year SWANA/GRCDA holds a number of meetings.
January 01, 1991
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North American Waste Conversion Technology Projects

This exclusive SWANA report is a listing of 26 known solid waste conversion technology projects in North America.
January 01, 2013
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P&M 1991 Mgt Principles for MSWM


Promoting Mercury Containing Lamp Recycling Programs

Promoting Mercury Containing Lamp Recycling Programs: A Guide for Solid Waste Managers (2004)
January 01, 2004
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Solid Waste Enterprise Funds: A Review of Four Case Study

Solid Waste Enterprise Funds: A Review of Four Case Study Communities Planning & Management (1993)
January 01, 1993
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Transboundary Restrictions on Solid Waste Flow

As state and federal mandates forced localities to build and operate sophisticated, environmentally-sound waste processing and disposal facilities, local officials spent hundreds of millions of dollars through long-term financial commitments.
January 01, 2003
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