SWANA Membership

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Membership in SWANA provides you outstanding networking and professional development opportunities.

SWANA member benefits include:

  • Membership in your local SWANA Chapter
  • A free Technical Division for your first year
  • Delivery of SWANA’s digital membership newsletter, I Am SWANA News
  • Access to MySWANA, SWANA’s members-only private social network
  • Access to SWANA’s exclusive Training and Certification programs
  • Access to SWANA’s Applied Research Foundation reports

Types of Memberships

Please select an option for SWANA Membership that best matches your situation. Once you select your membership type, please log in to continue.

Public Sector Membership

$255 US

For employees of a public agency or a non-profit or tax-exempt organization

Private Sector Membership

$459 US

For individuals of a for-profit organization with more than 10 employees or annual gross revenue of more than $10 million

Small Business Membership

$329 US

For individuals of private companies with 10 or fewer employees or annual gross revenue less than $10 million

Young Professional Membership

$110 US

First year special rate for individuals who are 35 years of age or younger

Student Membership


Full-time Students (undergrad or graduate) join for free!

Retired Membership

$92 US

For solid waste management personnel who have ended full-time employment

International Membership

$160 US

You are eligible if you reside outside of the United States, Canada, and US Territories. Members of the U.S. military with FPO and APO mailing addresses are eligible for International Membership.

Additional Help

You can also join SWANA by completing the SWANA Membership Application [PDF].

Email your Application or call the Membership Services Team at 301-585-2898 or 800-467-9262.

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